Earn on average 1000 € per month
by stocking our clients' packages.

Increase your revenue, no strings attached, no monthly minimums.
Receive packages each morning, check-out packages in the evening on a fixed schedule. No strings attached, no monthly minimums.

How does it work?

We increase your monthly revenue by optimising your unused storage space to stock our clients’ packages before they can be delivered to the end customer. Each morning a delivery truck drops off your packages, which are efficiently and easily scanned with the Relayed App. You store the packages until a deliverer (we call them “Youzers”) comes to pick up the package, delivering it to the end-customer within a predetermined time-slot.

Small, manageable packages – easy to store

No daily minimum volumes, you choose your own maximum volume.

Receive and check-out your packages during fixed, predetermined time slots.

Non-delivered packages never accumulate – they’re returned to the courier logisticians every 48 hours.

1 | Receive the day’s packages each morning

Each morning our logistics partners drop off their packages at an Urban Relay Point. The packages are scanned and registered via the Relayed App in a matter of seconds.

2 | Delivery pick-up

At the end of the day, one of our Ambassadors messenger prepares the tours in the storage space. Then, others bike messengers simply have to recover the bag of parcels which is attributed to them, then go on tour. They return to leave their bags and non-delivered packages later in the evening, around 10pm, in the initial storage space.

3 | Packages rotate every 48h

After 48h, the non-delivered packages are picked up the by the partner logistician during their morning delivery, so packages never accumulate.

I want to join the Urban Relay Point network.

Relayed App

The Relayed App integrates seamlessly with the tracking systems of courier logisticians, allowing for real-time tracking.

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