In control and in the loop, thanks to the Relayed app.

Our intuitive mobile app connects to logisticians’ databases, allowing for real-time tracking and status updates.

An app designed for you!

Enjoy a simple and controlled process
thanks to our Relayed app

1 | Sélection d’un évènement

Lorsque le logisticien dépose ses colis ou vient récupérer les retours le lendemain, le menu principal de l’app permet de choisir l’action à effectuer.

1 | Scan your packages

Use the Relayed App to automatically scan your packages – record reception and confirm their depart for delivery.

2 | Choice of delivery time-slot

Once the package has been received and scanned by the Urban Relay Point, the end-client receives a text message proposing different delivery time-slots. By answering the text message, the delivery is automatically programmed and submitted to our community of Youzers.

3 | Last Mile delivery

The app allows you to verify the identity of the Youzer (name given to the deliverymen) who comes to you to recover the package and deliver it to the end customer.